Chapter 51 : EPILOGUE

We have done with chapter 51 and now, we come to the last chapter (No. 52 in the original). In this Hemadpant gave his concluding remarks and promised to give an index, giving the contents of all the chapters in verse as is given in Marathi sacred books, but unfortunately, that index was not found in Hemadpant's papers. It was therefore, composed and supplied by an able and worthy devotee of Sai Baba, Mr. B.V. Dev (Retired Mamlatdar) of Thana. As we give in English books an index in the beginning and contents of each chapter at its top, we need not consider the last chapter as index here; and so, we consider this chapter as the Epilogue. Unfortunately, Hemadpant did not survive to revise the manuscript of this chapter and make it ready for the press. When it was sent to the press Mr. Dev found it to be incomplete and unintelligible in certain places, but it had to be published as it was found. The main topics dealt therein are briefly given below.

Greatness of Sadguru Sai

We prostrate ourselves before and take refuge in that Sai Samarth, Who besets all animate and inanimate things in the universe - Who pervades all creatures equally without any differentiation, to Whom all devotees are alike and Who knows not honour and dishonor, like or dislike. If we remember Him and surrender to Him, He fulfils all our wishes and makes us attain the goal of life.

This ocean of mundane existence is very hard to cross. Waves of attachments beat high against the bank of bad thoughts and break down trees of fortitude. The breeze of egoism blows with force and makes the ocean rough and agitated. Crocodiles in the form of anger and hatred move there fearlessly. Eddies in the form of the idea "I and Mine" and other doubts whirl there incessantly, and innumerable fishes in the form of censure, hate and jealousy play there. Though, this ocean is so fierce and terrible, Sadguru Sai is its Agasti (Destroyer) and the devotees of Sai have the least fear of it. Our Sadguru is the boat, which will safely take us across this ocean.


Now, we fall before Sai Baba and holding His Feet make the following prayer for the public; Let not our mind wander and desire anything except Thee. Let this work (Satcharita) be in every house and let it be studied daily. Let it ward off the calamities of those, who study it regularly with reverence.

Fala-shruti (Reward of Study)

Now, a few words about the reward you get, from this work. After bathing in the sacred Godavari and after taking the darshan of the Samadhi in the Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi, you should read or hear the Satcharita. If you do this all your threefold afflictions will vanish. Casually thinking about the stories of Sai, you will get interested in spiritual life, and if you go through it with love and reverence, all your sins will be destroyed. If you wish to get rid of the cycle of births and deaths, read Sai stories and remember Him always; and get yourself devoted to His Feet. If you dive into the sea of Sai's stories, and then give them out to others, you will get an ever-new flavour of them and save the hearers from future misery. If you go on meditating on Sai's Form, it will, in course of time, lead you into self- realization. It is very hard to know or realize the nature of Self of Brahma; but if you approach through the Sagun Brahma (Sai's Form) your progress will be easy. If the devotee completely surrenders himself to Him, he will lose his individual ego and be merged in Him and be one with him, as the river becomes one with the sea. If you thus become merged with Him in any of the three states, viz., waking, dream and sleep, you get rid of the bond of Sansar. If anybody, after bathing, reads this with love and faith, and completes it within a week, his calamities will disappear; or if he hears or reads it daily and regularly, all his dangers will be warded off. He will get the reward according to his faith and devotion. Without these, there will be no experience of any kind. If you read this with reverence Sai will be pleased, and by removing your ignorance and poverty, will give you knowledge, wealth and prosperity. With concentrated mind, if you read a chapter daily, it will give you unbounded happiness. One, who has his own welfare at heart, should study it carefully and then, he will ever remember Sai gratefully and joyfully birth after birth. This work should be read at home specially on Guru Pournima (Ashadha full-moon day), Gokul Ashtami, Ram Navami and Dasara (Baba's Punyatithi). If you study this one book carefully, all your desires will be satisfied, and if you always remember Sai's Feet in you heart, you will easily cross the Bhava (worldly illusions) Sagar. By its study, the diseased and sick will get health, the poor wealth, the mean and afflicted the prosperity, and the mind will get rid of all futile ideas and get steadiness.

Dear devoted readers and listeners, we also bow to you all, and make you a special request, never forget Him, whose stories you have read day by day or month by month. The more fervently you read or listen to these stories, the more encouragement Sai gives us to serve you and be of use to you. Both the author and the readers must co-operate in this work, help each other and be happy.

Prasad Yachana

We close this with prayer to the Almighty for the following Prasad of favour: May the readers and devotees have complete and wholehearted surrender and devotion at Sai's Feet. May His form be ever fixed in their eyes and may they see Sai (the Lord) in all beings. Amen!

Bow to Shri Sai — Peace be to all